Traditional Ti-leaf Haku

Traditional Ti-leaf Haku


This is an Island style traditional Haku lei, perfect for both men and women.  This is a vibrant green lei made with Ti-leaves.  This lei takes a lot of time and love.  The Ti was believed to have been a symbol of the gods, and helped maintain the presence of positive spirits around you and your home. It also is a sign of appreciation, respect, and good fortune.

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Ti leaf leis are very durable.  They are best kept in a moist paper towel/newspaper in the fridge/or ziplock bag. They will have a slight medicinal scent when left for a day or two, so it is best to let them air out for about half an hour before wearing. Ti leaf leis will easily last a week in the refrigerator and ships very well.

Ti leaf leis are minimally fragrant and a great option for those who may be sensitive to floral scents.

This haku will naturally dry over time and can be kept for many years after it is worn fresh as a keepsake.