Maile Style Ti Leaf Lei

Maile Style Ti Leaf Lei

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Choosing just the right lei for that special guy in your life?This handsome lei has been constructed to mimic the traditional maile lei, and is extremely durable. It is longer and fuller than a regular open-ended ti leaf lei.  

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Over time, they naturally dry into a keepsake to remember the occasion when they were worn, a priceless gift of memory.

Care: Ti leaf leis are very durable.  It's best kept in a moist paper towel/newspaper in the fridge/or ziplock bag. They will have a slight medicinal scent if left for a day or two.  Just let them air out for about half an hour before wearing.

Life: Will easily last a week in the fridge and ships very well.

Fragrance: Mild lovely slightly earthy.  In Hawaii their shiny green leaves are used to make minimally fragrant leis especially appreciated by people who may be sensitive to floral scents.  A great option for people who don't want florals.