Single Strand Ti Leaf Lei

Single Strand Ti Leaf Lei


Choosing just the right lei for that special guy in your life? This is a simple and long-lasting Ti- leaf lei.   This open-ended lei is often given for good luck. Ti leaves are carefully braided to create a remarkably sturdy lei. 


This is an Island style, perfect for both men and women.  This is a vibrant green lei made with Ti-leaves.  The Ti was believed to have been a symbol of the gods, and helped maintain the presence of positive spirits around you and your home. It also is a sign of appreciation, respect, and good fortune.

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Over time, they naturally dry into a keepsake to remember the occasion when they were worn, a priceless gift of memory.

Care: Ti leaf leis are very durable.  It's best kept in a moist paper towel/newspaper in the fridge/or ziplock bag. They will have a slight medicinal scent if left for a day or two.  Just let them air out for about half an hour before wearing.

Life: Will easily last a week in the fridge and ships very well.

Fragrance: Mild lovely slightly earthy.  In Hawaii their shiny green leaves are used to make minimally fragrant leis especially appreciated by people who may be sensitive to floral scents.  A great option for people who don't want florals.